About Us
About Us
Fungimart is a leading B2B online platform which solely focuses on the global mushroom trade. Founded in 2010, with the mission of enabling clients to do international mushroom business more effectively and efficiently with internet solutions, Fungimart provides much more trustworthy information, professional mushroom production control, customized inspection service and comprehensive one-stop shop experience. We provide professional and up-to-date service to support your business objectives.
Our Core Advantages
1. Specialized in Mushrooms
— Our best advantage is our professional focus on the global mushroom sector, collecting global mushroom resources and giving you access to the international mushroom world. From Fungimart, you can monitor industrial trends and follow market dynamics.
2. Production Control
—Our mushroom ranking system is based on producers previous performance, including five aspects: Delivery, Execution, Quality, Service and Price. Of note, with execution evaluation indicators,from the beginning to the end for each order, suppliers are required to submit quality reports for key production steps. Also, you can check your order’s process online anytime and anywhere from our web.
3. Inspection Service
Fungimart brings excellent and reliable quality inspection and our test center partner can also offer you the best services as both factory inspection and product inspection for your demand. We build safest trade connection between buyers and sellers with our special services.
4. Transparent Price
——Fungimart monitors prices quoted against the FOB offer for easier comparison. The difference between quoted and traded price influences suppliers ranking on Fungimart which ensures more valid pricing getting priority.
5. Group Buying
——Fungimart provides group buying service which enables small orders to benefit from the same prices given to larger single orders. No need to be disadvantaged because of small order sizes on Fungimart. Of course, we always prepare best offers for large orders.
6. One-stop Shopping for All Mushrooms
Ø Searching information
Ø Placing order,
Ø Payment,
Ø Document generation
Ø Delivery information,
Ø Evaluation system,
Ø Complaints,
Ø Return of goods,
Ø Management reported .., every trading step can be done on Fungimart without encountering any problems, saving time and money.
7. Free sourcing and trading platform
— Totally free registration, trading and checking information on Fungimart for both suppliers and buyers from beginning to end of each order. We may be new, but we are professional.
8. Management to standards
— Fungimart has many standards that suppliers must meet to be on our platform. Overall service levels are consistently maintained throughout the whole trading life cycle through standardized processes at Fungimart.
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