1.40 kg Fungimart Shiitake Mushroom Spawn| High yield

Item No.: FC-MS0103
Fungichain Shiitake Mushroom Spawn export to foreign shiitake mushroom farms.
Bio. Name: Lentinula edodes
Length: 40cm, Dia.: 10cm. Weight: 1.40kg/log

Best Environment for Shiitake Mushroom Spawn Growing


Fungichain have 3 shiitake spawn bases, located in Shandong, Zhejiang and Fujian. All using year-around stable-temp. growing rooms. Our spawn are choosing the spawn 808, many customers only pick 2 flushs and already get very good profits. Shiitake mushroom have very large market, u can contact us, if u plant to start your own shiitake farm in your country.